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The Big Edit at £95

The Writing Course to Prepare for Success.

Go from being a writer to an author. We now offer a complete service to take your manuscript through to preparation for submission to agents with our careful stewardship all the way. The Editing Course will put your story through its paces. Apply the simple clarity of purpose and logic of the 30 lessons to get your story straight. Be confident that you know how to evaluate what you're writing and create a meaningful, powerful story, word by word. Get insightful feedback on your work from our writers and coach and author Louise Dean. Get pitch perfect and land that contract.

Get Ready To Revise

Getting professional with the manuscript. Setting up the novel folder. Check your organisation. 6 lessons.

The Story Structure

How to check it's all working together as one muscle. The Title. The Hook. The Synopsis. The Five F's. The Midpoint. The absolute essentials to guide the new draft. 6 lessons.

Chapter & Verse

Apply our method to every element of your work. Voice. Perspective. Character. The First Sentence. Your line by line style. Learn how to avoid the 'Cardinal Sins' which will get your work rejected. 9 lessons.

Successful Submission

Know when it's ready. Get valuable feedback from beta-readers and professionals here. The ideal submissions package. Get pitch perfect. How to secure agents and publishers. 10 lessons. Get feedback as a member.

"The Best Course for Editing Your Novel." 

(The BookFox.)

'The Editing Course is a safe homecoming for writers who've been sailing the choppy seas of the first draft. It's both pragmatic and inspiring - from how to lay out a manuscript for submission, to interrogating structure, dialogue, characters, sentences, words, hook...I know that, once I've completed it, my manuscript will be as professionally executed as it can be. And here's a weird thing - I shall be using the Editing Course when I construct my next novel. It's the only 'reversible' course I've ever encountered! '

Susan Nott-Bower. 

The Novelry successfully pitched Susan's manuscript to literary agency Peters Fraser & Dunlop and they now represent her as an author.

£95 for the Editing Course £399 for our Pitch Pack

Some of our Literary Agency Partners.


We work with leading global literary agencies who represent authors in every country. Literary Agencies like to work with The Novelry because the standard of work is so high. Click through our partners below. We ask that they VIP fast track our writers and respond within 2 weeks of our submission on your behalf. We ask for no commission from either author or agency. We will only submit work when it's ready and because we love it. It's a love story with a happy ending.

Get Ready to Submit to Agents

Either sign up to the Editing Your Novel Course and take your time over revising your manuscript or if you're a graduate of our Ninety Day Novel course, go with the fast-track 'Pitch Pack' programme to polish your novel to pitch-ready.

The Big Edit


One Payment

The Editing Your Novel Course with over 30 lessons:

- prepare the revised draft

- review your story structure with an eye to commercial success

- how to work through your manuscript to choose how to order and structure the material

- how to prepare for submission to agents and publishing editors and listings of all available options

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The Pitch Pack


One Payment Value Pack

For graduates of the Ninety Day Novel course.  

  1. Feedback to polish and finish your submission pack of 3 chapters and synopsis via a report and live video call with Louise Dean.
  2. The Editing Course.

  3. Feedback from our novelists' community of over 100 published and aspiring novelists with included Annual Membership of The Novelry. 

    If and when the pitch pack is deemed ready, The Novelry will pitch to our literary agency partners for a response within 2 weeks. 

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I like writing, but I love editing.


When you know what your true purpose is, and you have a clear story arc, it's such a joy to revise your first draft. This is my favourite course. Enjoy watching your book emerge. (Click on the dots below to see some of what's inside the course.)

How to write a book

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