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The Online Book Editing Course 

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Meet the Editorial Team

When you join us for The Big Edit you will be working with our professional editorial team who have worked with some of the big-name bestselling authors. Choose the level of support you'd like with your plan. Get guidance to revise your novel before you start work and expert insights to develop a commercially successful novel or memoir.

Inside the Editing Course

Get ready to get published with our editing courses and manuscript assessment.

As a member, you'll enjoy the company of our worldwide novelists' group with weekly writing classes and guest author and literary agent sessions. You'll make valuable contacts and connections within the publishing industry and become a savvy writer ready to become a published author. Your career starts here.

1. The Editing Course. Fifty+ lessons over four phases at your own pace to revise your manuscript from top to bottom with brilliant logical insights to shake down the story. We'll consider your ambition, your genre, theme, your intentions for the story and you'll be guided how to prepare a brilliant pitch, or one-liner. You'll prepare a new chapter outline, and be guided on characterisation, motivation and narrative structure with our own Killer Plot Methodology. We'll drill down into the work sentence-by-sentence, word-by-word using our Lucid Compression ® Method. We'll show you how to prepare for submission to agents and publishers. The course includes guidance on choosing the right title, formatting your manuscript and a succinct but brilliant lesson on preparing the infamous synopsis. You'll have a manuscript in fine shape ready to share with the best beta-readers at our members-only workshop in our community TheNovelry.Live.

2. The Big Edit. With guidance and feedback from our Editorial Team. Includes submission to literary agents when your manuscript is ready *. After you complete the first phase of the editing course you'll enjoy a 45-minute session with an editor to ensure your story plan is hitting the beats and meets the requirements of prospective readers and publishers. Don't waste time revising your novel in the wrong direction! Get this wise industry professional intervention at the outset. Our entire team of editors and authors will be keeping an eye on you and your story and steering you towards success. You'll be able to join genre-specific groups and join monthly workshops where you'll have the opportunity to read from your work live and online if you'd like. Then, when you have edited your book using the course and feedback from our member writers, our Editorial Team will review and report in-depth on your first three chapters or first 50 pages, your synopsis and proposed pitch. They will work forensically, with a canny eye on the publishing market to shape your submission for success. If there are problems, we'll show you how to fix them. If you're in good shape, we'll make a plan with you for submission to the literary agents you've had your eye on and we'll recommend agents eager to see your work. When we submit, we hear back from literary agents within two weeks. But it doesn't end there. We're here to give our members good career advice as published authors and publishing professionals. Don't leave your novel's success to chance.

The Big Edit is for our novel course graduates only. If you wish to qualify simply sign up for our Novel Development plan here. (Most of those taking the Novel Course come to it with a first draft ready to raise their writing game.)

3. The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment. A complete assessment of your novel or memoir to shine a light on what's working and what can be improved for submission to publishers and agents. A chance for you to understand the opportunity your book has ahead of it and to work to improve your chances of commercial success and literary acclaim. Our Editorial Team will work on your story taking a helicopter view of the publishing market and your book's potential within it to propose the perfect pitch. You'll brief us on your ambition in the cover letter of the online upload form. The Editorial Team will work on your manuscript to check the text delivers its promise, highlighting areas for development and amplification. You'll enjoy a video debrief with your editor and a full detailed report with an action plan for next steps. If it's ready to roll, we'll make a plan for submission to literary agents. You'll receive a 'Director's Cut' of your first chapter to show you a fresh approach to your writing, which may enable you to find your voice and your signature style. Our radical and energising approach to your novel is not only guided by publishing experience, but it's creative too with practical help from our bestselling and award-winning authors. That's what makes this the ultimate manuscript assessment.

“The best course to edit your novel.”

John Fox, Editor, The BookFox

Choose Your Book Editing Plan

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The editing course is open to all. The Big Edit is reserved for graduates of our Novel Course. If you have a novel or memoir in draft but haven't taken our Novel Course, please take the Novel Development plan. We recommend you take that course before signing up for the Ultimate Manuscript Assessment.

The Big Edit begins with a planning session to establish that your story is strongly structured for success before you start work revising it with our editing course. You will enjoy feedback from our writers at the workshop in our community as you redraft, as and when you want it. When you have completed the editing course, those on The Big Edit will have a submission session with one of our editors to examine the first three chapters or first 50 pages usually required by literary agents to ensure the pitch and prose are perfectly aligned to secure representation for the novel. When it's ready to go, we'll make a plan with you to present your work to our literary agency partners.

 You can schedule your editorial sessions at your convenience. We work across all time zones. All 45-minute editorial calls are recorded and yours to keep. Sign up and get your story straight!

Reviews of our Book Editing Program

  Writers Love The Novelry


Such insightful and powerful feedback.”

“I now have a clear sense of the road ahead. It’s plain that my editor is not only an expert in her field, but she’s heartfelt and authentic, and she truly understood my manuscript. The written report is accessible, in-depth and instructive. It’s clarified the intangible, and I know now what will make the novel more robust moving forward. 

The entire experience has been energising. I feel hopeful and laser-focussed.” 

– Brooke Hardwick


“I've been writing a novel with The Novelry since May ‘20 and just received an awesome editorial assessment. I’m so stoked to get back to it and so thankful for this stellar school!

– Matti Hicks

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“Blown away by the insights.”

Holy moly, I have just received my Ultimate Manuscript Assessment back, and I'm blown away by the insights and line by line edits. My journey at The Novelry goes from strength to strength.” 

– Hemmie Martin

The Fast Track to Securing Literary Agency Representation

We work with literary agencies with world-class reputations. Recognizing the quality of our graduates' novels, they prioritise our submissions and respond within two weeks. We have secured representation for writers with agencies like United Agents, PF+D, Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency and others.  If you mean business as a writer, we can help introduce you to the best agents who can get you a publishing contract and even license your work for TV and film. 

 “A wonderful organisation for aspiring writers, and we’re thrilled to work with them!”

Madeleine Milburn, Director of Madeleine Milburn Literary TV & Film Agency representing award-winning and bestselling authors of adult and children’s fiction who feature on The Sunday Times, New York Times and international bestseller lists. 

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