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Assisted Reading.



Our courses are suitable for people with visual or auditory impairment, dyslexia and for those with English as a second language. 

Our content can be translated into many languages at the click of a button.

To try the many facilities including read-aloud, magnification, and translation, head to the orange button top left on this page and hit ‘SPEAK’ to open the menu.

Simple Assisted Reading Aloud.

We believe in digital inclusion - where life stage, visual impairment, dyslexia or dis/ability aren’t barriers to learning to write a novel.

Our online course content can be read aloud in multiple languages using a natural and engaging voice to transform your reading experience. We offer our pages in 99 languages; with speak translated text aloud in 40 languages.

You will find a SPEAK button in your course (and on this page) and you can use it to start the text reading aloud to you. You can change the speed, and the language of playback. You can magnify text too. Simply perfect.



Visually Impaired? Hearing Problems? Dyslexic? English as a Second Language? We’re Here to Help.

  Text-to-speech with choice of reading speeds and highlighters to enhance reading comprehension.
✓  Translation into 99 languages; speak translated text aloud in 40 languages.
  On-screen text magnifier helps users with visual impairments.
  Screen mask blocks on-screen clutter, letting readers focus on text being read.
  Web page simplifier removes distracting content for easier reading.
  Custom settings to suit individual user needs and preferences.

Help with Writing.

We recommend a Speech-to-Text app to dictate to the written word.

Recline on your sofa, and dictate your pearls of wisdom and derring-do, and write your novel aloud.
Our review of Dragon by Nuance here.
Buy Dragon Professional Individual UK here.
Dragon Professional Individual US here.
Buy Dragon Anywhere UK here.
Buy Dragon Anywhere US here.
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