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“I’m on The Complete Novel course - loving it, all of it.”

“Engages me, challenges me, excites me. Loving the community, loving Louise’s vlogs, her enthusiasm and honesty. One doesn’t lose independence (if, like me, you’re a free spirit.) Go at your own speed. Further, the course is honest, there’s no pretentiousness.”

Lily Rosetta Jones.

Complete Your Novel at Your Own Pace.

The Complete Novel is The Ninety Day Novel ® course given in its entirety, in one fell swoop, to take at your own pace. Enjoy the big write!

Writing coach Louise Dean

Louise Dean, Author and Writing Coach.

Warm-hearted, constructive, personal encouragement from an author with 20 years' experience. The lessons are given by Louise Dean by video and text on a beautiful online platform. You’ll know just what to do when you hit the white page.

How to start writing a book

Inspiration and Preparation.

Learn the essential writing habits that will last you a lifetime. You will be guided step by step to prepare an exciting solid, commercial novel idea. Find the writing plan that will work for your busy lifestyle. Ten lessons immediately at sign up. 

Write a book online plot


You won’t start writing your book until you are confident your idea is in great shape. Find the emotional heart of your story. Begin by building real people not ‘characters’. Cherish this special time of your life as you create the vital organs of your novel. 

Creative writing point of view

The Swim.

Your new process is paying off with fluent, joyful daily writing. Here’s where we make sure you’ve cracked the nuts and bolts of craft skills. We use lessons from great novels written fast to motivate and guide your writing and help you drive the story forwards with some inspired techniques. 

How to write a novel step by step

The Heat Phase.

This is where we fire your energy levels, unleash your imagination and set a new pace for productivity to power you through the point where so many aspiring novelists typically lose heart. We raise the stakes in your plot and add some serious word count. 

Steps to writing a book - theme


Discover the secrets to the writing of one of the greatest novels of the last 50 years with these game-changing insights. You will be taking your writing to a whole new level and you’ll begin to feel rather proud of your new standard of writing. 

How to write a story plan


You will look back in wonderment at the shape of the story that has surprised. Time to make sure it chimes with the big storytelling structure that meets a reader’s deepest needs. Everything you need to get you to the end of your first draft. 

Writing course support

Bolt-on Membership.

Get instant, useful feedback on your first draft from other writers. Draw upon the 24/7 live online support of a cosy community of published and aspiring writers. Lean on us as much as you need, on your terms. Feel the love.

The Complete Novel.

Award-winning, Booker Prize longlisted, published author of four novels, Louise Dean will guide you to complete your novel. You’ll enjoy the fresh practical guidance via video and text and you can take the lessons at your own pace, so you can finish that novel FAST.

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The Complete Novel course in a fast-track format with over 100 lessons all available immediately to take at your own speed:

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Why Writers Call the Course “Life-Changing”.

Wherever you are with your novel, whether it’s just a twinkling in a novice writer’s eye or that difficult second novel, we can help you get your story straight.

Our Other Creative Writing Courses.

For Visually Impaired, Dyslexic and Non-Native English Speakers.

We believe in digital inclusion - where life stage, visual impairment, dyslexia or dis/ability aren’t barriers to learning to write a novel.

Our content can be read aloud in multiple languages using the most natural and engaging voice to transform the user’s reading experience. We offer our pages in 99 languages; with speak translated text aloud in 40 languages. 

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