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So You Want to Write a Children's Book and Get Published? 

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This is the online course created by a Booker Prize list, award-winning author to share with you the ingredients of the very best-selling children's books of all time. JK Rowling's Harry Potter, CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, JM Barrie's Peter Pan, and all the best-beloved books from Alice in Wonderland to Mark Haddon's Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time and everything in between. 

Be guided step by step to combine our gems with your unique experience to create a wonderful and original children's book. Discover the joy of writing for children. Start today.

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Writing for children

The Plot Thickens.

How to write a children's book step by step. This is an intensive and comprehensive course. “Mind blowing,” was the verdict of one of my published authors, who teaches creative writing at a University.

How to write a story structure

1. Once Upon A Time.

You will learn the Children's, Young Adult and Fantasy big story structure that is the blueprint for the classic bestsellers. Get a working model to use to start planning your story immediately. Find out where authors' ideas come from. You'll be surprised by what you discover. (Behind you!)

How to write a story process

2. Find the Story Within.

Draw upon your own experience to create the main characters. Put ‘memory’ at the service of ‘desire’ in that extraordinary combination commonly known as ‘imagination’. These inspiring exercises will reveal that you have all you need inside of you. 

How to write a children's book

3. World Building.

What are the things which create the experience of ‘wonderment’ that works its spellbinding magic on readers? The portal, the homely creature or guide, things familiar and strange, the pitiful monster, the temptation of sweet things, the secret garden, the battle and sacrifice, coming home with the prize.

Heroes & Villains, Readers & Authors.

How to write a story conflict

4. Heroes & Villains.

In adult books the war is within. In Children's books it's externalised in heroes and villains. You'll need the 'special' hero or heroine, singled out by fortune or misfortune, and villains who exude charisma. Learn why they need to have something in common and how to pit apparent opposites against each other for page-turning excitement.

Writing a children's book

5. The Reader.

You are your first reader. Locate the child within and draw upon your own favourites and heroes. Heal that inner child! Spend time with the old you. Make sure your main character is about two years older than your ideal reader. Discover how to take them from a cosy start on a thrilling adventure whilst keeping them safe in your story.

How to become an author

6. Become an Author.

You need to know not only how but why the authors told their stories. Discover how an old wound is a source of creativity. Learn which authorial voice you should be using depending on whether you're writing Middle Grade or Young Adult. Venture forth with a big idea, exciting material, and a colourful plot, ready to write the book of your life. 

A Two-Book Deal with Puffin Books.


Rashmi Sirdeshpande took the classic course with The Novelry. Her children’s book How to Be Extraordinary was released in August 2019.

“This course has been so enlightening! I have a goal, a road-map, the beginnings of characters I love and a magical world I want to explore and adorn. A magical, enlightening experience - a course that holds your hand and takes you to the very doorway of writing a modern classic.”

Rashmi Sirdeshpande. 

Try it for seven days free! Then just £39 a week 🇺🇸Or just $49 a week
Writing for children

How to Get Your Children's Book Published?

When you have completed the course and you're ready, The Novelry will submit your work on your behalf to one of our wonderful literary agent partners who will represent you to achieve the best publishing deal possible. Our specialist literary agents represent leading authors of Children's books, Young Adult (YA) and Fantasy worldwide.

Peters, Fraser + Dunlop

Silvia Molteni is the dedicated children’s books Agent at PFD and across MG and YA fiction, she is drawn to voice-driven and character-driven narratives, LGBTQI story-lines and characters, endearing narrators, magical realism and upmarket literary fiction. She's looking for Middle Grade novels, strong and diverse voices with brave narratives and contemporary and realistic settings, edgy, funny and moving Middle Grade fiction. Her client list includes our very own Susie Bower.

Darley Anderson

Lydia Silver represents children's and YA, she loves working editorially with writers and is always on the lookout for new talent. "I’m particularly looking for middle grade. I love funny books, adventure stories, a bit of fantasy – probably more middle grade than high-end YA – and anything that’s got a lot of heart and is quite moving." Lydia represents clients in the UK and the US including Dominic Beesley, Rachel Morrisroe and our Rashmi Sirdeshpande.

A.M. Heath

Julia Churchill joined A.M.Heath in 2013 to run the children’s department. She's looking for debut and established authors with storytelling magic, all the way through to YA. She'd love an animal story showing an animal can be integral to the life of a child. Besides a breakout Young Adulr author, a classic Middle-Grade fantasy series is on her wishlist. She's looking for the next The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. She would like to see world-building with playfulness and depth, and a ‘what-if’ at the heart of the concept. "Fantasy that feels fresh and springs from the page".

Create a Wonderful Children's Book with The Classic Course.

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What Writers Say About Our Children's Book Course:

Forty-five days of mind-expanding exploration that will change how you write forever.”

“It wouldn't have been written had it not been for this course.”

“For me, the shift towards writing for children was a revelation, and the exercises proved really helpful. I have a sense of direction and purpose. I feel more confident about writing - and finishing. The experience has been positive, fulfilling and exciting.” Susie Bower.

Post Script: The children's book she wrote on this course has secured Susie a two book deal with Pushkin Books.)

“I’ve learned a lot about the children's classics and why they work, and I’ve gained lots of inspiration sources. I loved it!”

"The exercises where I dug into my own self and childhood were illuminating. It was great to think so deeply about what makes a great classic. It’s quite unique as writing courses go, meticulously researched and packed full of information. The deep research into classics of literature was fascinating! It has helped me marshal my ideas and put more of myself into my story. I’ve clarified a lot about my story." Alex English.

“You will be inspired!”

“Deep and insightful advice given in a completely accessible and engaging manner. I loved the scientific and philosophical explanations for much of the literary advice. Most helpful, however, was the use of excerpts from classic texts to demonstrate key elements of successful novels. The insights have allowed me to more confidently plot my own story.” Shelley Motz.

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Louise Dean, Your Tutor.

Award-Winning Author.

Louise Dean studied history at Cambridge majoring in 19th Century Novels. Her own novels have been published internationally by Penguin, Simon & Schuster and others. Man Booker longlisted. Winner of The Society of Authors Betty Trask Prize, Winner of Le Prince Maurice Prize. Nominated for The Guardian First Book Prize, the Dublin IMPAC Literary Award. An Oprah Book Club choice. 

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We believe in digital inclusion - where life stage, visual impairment, dyslexia or dis/ability aren’t barriers to learning to write a novel.

Our content features 'speak aloud' in multiple languages using the most natural and engaging voice to transform the user’s reading experience. We offer our pages in 99 languages; with speak translated text aloud in 40 languages. Welcome home.

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