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How to Get a Book Published.

In most cases, you should seek literary agent representation for your book. They will be able to secure you the very best deal possible. However, agents typically take 15% commission on your contract with your publisher, and therefore they are seeking books with broad commercial potential which is usually immediately obvious.

Publishing contracts which are of a larger size - £5000+ - are offered by 'The Big 5' - the large corporate conglomerate publishing houses; Hachette, HarperCollins, MacMillan, Penguin Randomhouse, Simon & Schuster.

We recommend you learn your craft skills and focus on story above all else (as we do at The Novelry) to hit the sweet spot of great stories, well told. Take a course with a good writer tutor with a community of writers working to a high standard available to give you feedback, it will save you years of trial and error, and being in the dark as to whether your writing is 'any good'. Revise your first draft to publishing standard with our editing course. The Novelry is a unique 'writing house' which will pitch to leading literary agents on your behalf. We hothouse talent and manage careers.


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Going Direct to Publishers.

Publishers are passionate about books, and if you can make contact with publishing editors directly and in a meaningful way, there is a chance they will look at your work. Slim, but if well-pitched possible. We offer a full and comprehensive list of all publishers worldwide with email addresses inside The Big Edit course and the course helps you prepare your pitch.

Independent Publishers.

Going direct to a small independent publisher could be the right route for you, especially if you are writing literary fiction or something that might be considered niche, 'high risk' and not obviously commercial.

Because we get early sight of great work in progress, we are in a position to back our own horses at The Novelry. We know they are thoroughbreds. So we have our own literary fiction imprint publishing novels - Pomeranian Books. We are open to submission from all novelists writing in English, worldwide. If we love your work, we will offer you a traditional publishing contract, with all the trimmings. A meaningful advance, old-fashioned editing, beautifully produced books, listed in retail stores and online. We're a new kind of publishing company. It's not so much about profit, as prose. We're seeking exciting new voices.

Submit your first three chapters to us and we will take a look. (Never share your first draft with anyone, revise it to second draft, then hit send.)


Send your work to Pomeranian Books.


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