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Beyond You

Oct 01, 2017

Readers don't care too much about your education or your fine words. 

You may be using your best cutlery, the silverware that's kept in a satin-lined box, but it's still just 'tools'.

What's on the plate is human feeling, what T.S. Eliot calls 'the infinitely suffering thing.' How you get there is up to you, but sometimes the tools you use can be distracting, noisy, obtrusive - they say too much about what you're lucky enough to own, distance you even from the reader. 

Many of us as Thoreau said 'lead lives of quite desperation' and since he died in 1862, the scale of that desperation is more evident than ever, multiplied and intensified, regardless of advances in our communications 'tools'. Because of them, perhaps.

The tools ain't it.

If someone is bleeding in front of you, you don't fuss about finding shiny new tools, you get down on your knees and attend to the wound.

There's one quality that you need as a writer to be a good writer regardless...

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