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Top Tips For Writing Novels Apr 14, 2019

The Novelry is the worldwide novel writing school. Here are our top ten novel writing tips - you're unlikely to find them elsewhere. 

  1. You're the author, you get to play god. Play dirty.
  2. Attach emotion to your story.
  3. Say what you see. Don't try too hard.
  4. Don't make the main character yourself.
  5. Stop the self-loathing.
  6. Write against 'type'.
  7. Don't think of yourself as a writer.
  8. To pick up speed, go slow.
  9. It will take 9 months, baby.
  10. Keep it simple – story, story, story.

1. You're the author, you get to play god.

This is the only part of your life you control. Sure, you can claim the characters speak to you and guide you. But my bet is you'll whip them pretty hard before they do. Whip them harder, make them behave badly, and against their interests or instincts. Throw some mystery into the story. In great novels, there's often something that doesn't make sense. Indulge yourself. Don't go by the book.

2. Attach emotion to your story.

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