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Piers Torday on Writing for Children Nov 07, 2021

Piers Torday is a renowned children's fiction writer who won The Guardian's Children Fiction Prize in 2014.

 A former theatre and television producer, Piers Torday’s books include The Last Wild (Shortlisted for Waterstones Children’s Book Prize), The Dark Wild (Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize winner), The Wild Beyond, There May Be a Castle (People’s Book Award finalist) and The Lost Magician (Teach Primary Book Award) and The Frozen Sea. His latest book is The Wild Before (August 2021). His work has been translated into 14 languages.

We have a thriving children's fiction department at The Novelry, and we're especially excited to be welcoming Piers to The Novelry as a guest tutor soon. To whet your appetite for a wonderful session, Piers gives us his top tips on writing for children.

From the desk of Piers Torday.

  1. Begin at the beginning

  2. Don’t go into the woods without a map

  3. Stay on that path, Little Red!

  4. Follow the characters

  5. ...

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