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Members' News

Jun 24, 2018

We have now passed the halfway mark for the year 2018 so it's time to round up our members' news. 

The majority of members entered The Firestarter (first chapter) competition in February which encouraged them to work on those all-important first chapters, to make them lean and keen. We put a lot of effort into preparing the 'hook' of the story in March with members using The Novelry process and submitting their one-liner concepts until the idea for their story was singular, stark, tight and ironic.

Once the idea is sound, the writing is the easy part and using our process unfolds daily with lesser or greater pain depending on what's going on with the family. Work seems to be the least of it, as in real life, work, but moving home and family illnesses blow us wide of the white page, and Kritikme members offer their help and support to each other, knowing that, well, life happens....

In April many members embarked upon the new Classic Course and emerged slightly...

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