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Sophie Kinsella on Motivation and Where to Find It guest authors motivation May 22, 2022

Writing a book is like having a baby.

This is a comparison that’s often made – and having written over thirty books and had five babies, I concur. There’s the same giddy journey...

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Motivation! motivation novel writing process Aug 15, 2021

The writer Thomas Mann said, ‘A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.’ We love the recognition of process and perfectionism in...

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Imposter Syndrome, Writers? motivation novel writing process Jul 04, 2021

The term “imposter syndrome” was first coined by Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes in their landmark 1978 study of 150 highly successful professional women in various fields. Susan...

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Jessie Burton On Endurance for Writers guest authors motivation Nov 22, 2020

Jessie Burton is the million-selling, award-winning author of The Miniaturist, The Muse and The Confession, as well as her children's book The Restless Girls. The Miniaturist and The Muse...

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Love Thy Novel motivation novel writing process Nov 08, 2020

Writer's block? Go back to your novel gingerly and potter about in its grounds if you've been away. Read a little of it - possibly from the beginning if you're not too far in or the last three...

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Harriet Tyce - One Last Throw guest authors motivation Sep 06, 2020

Surely it was time to give up on the writing? But no, Harriet Tyce gave it one more throw... She's now a Sunday Times bestselling author. Here she tells us how close she came to giving up. Read on!...

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Getting Back To Writing motivation starting to write Aug 30, 2020

Don't we all love Back to School September? August is the cruellest month for writers. As it draws to a close, we salute all of you who have made it through the month with your manuscript a...

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How To be A Great Writer - Is Your Writing Ambitious Enough? hero books motivation Sep 22, 2019

 “ I'm afraid, I just didn't warm to Cheryl.”

I get to see a lot of novels-in-waiting as you might imagine. Sometimes my writers will share with me the editorial reports or...

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How to Overcome Doubt motivation Jun 16, 2019

Every novel presents such new challenges, it seems one has never written a novel before. An irksome and bewildering amnesia. Yet again,  your judgement and taste exceed your...

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