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Sophie Kinsella on Motivating Yourself to Write guest authors motivation May 22, 2022

The writing process is doubtless a joyful and rewarding one, but it can demand a great deal of motivation and resilience. The first hurdle is often writing inspiration; we wait for some bright...

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Writer Imposter Syndrome motivation novel writing process Jul 04, 2021

Self doubt is one of the big hurdles many writers face – and it’s almost never a reflection on their writing skills. In fact, even people with a thriving writing career often struggle...

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Jessie Burton On Endurance for Writers guest authors motivation Nov 22, 2020

Writing a novel is a joyful endeavour, but there’s no doubt that it also requires some endurance. It takes time, a lot of thought and emotional investment. Knowing you’re not alone is...

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Writer's Block? motivation Nov 08, 2020

Writer's block? Go back to your novel gingerly and potter about in its grounds if you've been away. Read a little of it - possibly from the beginning if you're not too far in or the last three...

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Harriet Tyce: One Last Throw guest authors motivation Sep 06, 2020

Have you ever felt tempted to throw in the writing towel? It’s a pretty universal stage in the writing process, but if anyone can speak to the importance of powering through it’s...

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September For Writers motivation Aug 30, 2020

Don’t we all love Back to School September? August is the cruellest month for writers. As it draws to a close, we salute all of you who have made it through the month with your...

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Tackling Doubt When You’re Writing motivation Jun 16, 2019

If you’ve ever faced doubts or crises of confidence in your novel-writing journey, know that you’re not alone. In fact, pretty much every novelist (or indeed artist. Or perhaps human)...

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