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The Moral Dilemma Jan 09, 2022

From the desk of Jack Jordan.

As human beings, morals are at the heart of who we are. On a personal level, morality is the compass that helps us navigate life, and on a broader scale, morals are the laws of the land, the intricate maze of unspoken rules we all live by. Our personal morals are so intertwined with our society that we may not even recognise the number of choices we have to make every day – nor the opportunities we have to stray.

Every minute, we choose to do the right thing. We choose to wake up to go to work. We choose to pay our taxes. We choose to sit in traffic rather than mount the pavement in a wild free-ride to get to where we need to go. We choose to do the right thing, not just because of the beliefs that have been instilled in us, but because we know of the consequences that await us if we do wrong. These morals – and the choices that accompany them –  live within all of us, whether we recognise these as right...

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