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MA Creative Writing Mar 08, 2020

Considering a Creative Writing MA or MFA?

If you're seeking a career as a published fiction author, a university or post-graduate school creative writing masters program might not be the right choice for you.

Career or hobby? Most writers can write. The chances are if you are reading this that you can write. If only 'writing' was all it was about! Publishers and published authors know the secret to getting published and making a living from writing is one single word: story. If you'd like to spend a year enjoying the craft and learning literary terms and techniques, away from the humdrum daily life and workplace, the MA or MFA could be for you. But if you want to get published, choose a school with a focus on the career path. In practice this means:

  • tutors who are published authors and working novelists who have had sales volumes, bestsellers or won awards
  • links to literary agencies
  • publishing professionals on hand

You should be looking for a smooth onward journey towards...

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