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How to Write a Prologue Oct 01, 2021

If you're wondering how to write a prologue for your book, then whether you publish your book with one or not, the one-page attention-grabber is a great way to test your story's success and prepare your plan to rewrite it for a new fresh, bold draft, as the key ingredients will be laid out for readers from the first page.

This post will break up the steps of writing a prologue into five easy steps. Those steps are as follows:

How to Write a Prologue:

    1. What is the question you're asking your readers?
    2. What's at stake?
    3. Who are we?
    4. Where are we?
    5. An ominous or dramatic change

What is the purpose of a prologue?

Prologues are only ever looked down upon where they're throat clearing, or a preamble that does not serve to engage the reader in the story. A good writer never wastes a reader's time. Consider the fact that with the Look Inside feature on Amazon, or whether your reader is passing by the books on a table in a bookshop, they and...

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