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How to Keep Writing Your Novel. Jun 20, 2021

May You Always Be A Beginner.

  • Write with innocence, wide-eyed about the vagaries of humanity and a willingness to be surprised at how low or high humans can go.
  • Write with hope, that your tale will bring a smile to even one person, take another to a location they will never visit in real life, cause an individual to reflect on the human condition or guide someone on a thrilling adventure that happens in the safety of their minds/imagination.
  • Write with generosity, with a heart so big that you’re willing to share your dreams and crazy ideas with someone else through words.
  • Write with love, for people, life, love and everything that lies within and between.
  • Write with an open heart, willing to listen to feedback that only gets you back on the computer, not down in the pits of despair.
  • Write your truth. Always. That’s where authenticity comes from, that elusive quality called ‘voice’ but is really industry parlance for ‘to...
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