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Saga Fiction: Why Should You Read (and Write) It? historical fiction romance Dec 11, 2022

You may – or may not! – have heard the term ‘saga fiction’. You’ve almost certainly seen saga on supermarket bookshelves and the UK bestseller lists – it sells...

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An Interview with Kristin Hannah guest authors historical fiction Dec 04, 2022

Kristin Hannah has published 24 books that traverse eras and geographies, spanning far beyond California and the Pacific Northwest where she grew up. From occupied France during World War II to the...

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The First Draft of a Book with Laura Purcell editing your novel guest authors historical fiction Nov 06, 2022

Writing the first draft of a book is not only brave, but hugely exciting. The possibilities are endless at this stage! Plus, when you have a complete first draft in your hands, you know that the ...

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Get Started Writing Historical Fiction historical fiction starting to write Oct 09, 2022

Historical fiction is a rich genre filled with inspirational real-life characters and fascinating historical contexts to explore. But when you decide to write it, how do you get started?

This is a...

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Patrick Gale on Researching Historical Fiction guest authors historical fiction Jun 26, 2022

Research and historical fiction tend to go hand in hand. Before the writer puts pen to paper, they must become familiar with the facts of the period. But how much research is too much research?...

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Writing With Louise Hare guest authors historical fiction Aug 22, 2021

Louise Hare is the author of two beautiful books, Miss Aldridge Regrets and This Lovely City, and was named one of the top 10 debut novelists by The Observer in 2020. Louise...

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How to Research for a Novel with Mike Gayle guest authors historical fiction novel writing process up lit May 23, 2021

Whether you’re writing about tenth-century royalty, Amazonian rainforests or the family that lives next door, many writers bump up against the question of how to research for a novel. 


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An Introduction to Kate Riordan and Her Love of Historical Fiction historical fiction Apr 25, 2021

Kate Riordan is the author of 3 historical fiction novels and one of our lovely writing coaches at The Novelry. In this blog post, Kate explains why she writes historical fiction...

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