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Writing a Novel Like Rebecca hero books Oct 25, 2020

Obsessed with Rebecca? So are we. How did did Daphne Du Maurier do it?A page-turner like the novel Rebecca doesn't happen by accident. 

A handful of writers have a gift to be able draw...

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Rebecca - the Wrong Woman character development hero books Oct 18, 2020

Described by Sarah Waters as one of the most influential novels of all time, the famous opening line of Rebecca (1939) has wooed millions of readers. A bestseller which has never gone out of...

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How To be A Great Writer - Is Your Writing Ambitious Enough? hero books motivation Sep 22, 2019

 “ I'm afraid, I just didn't warm to Cheryl.”

I get to see a lot of novels-in-waiting as you might imagine. Sometimes my writers will share with me the editorial reports or...

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Rumours of a Hero hero books novel writing techniques Mar 31, 2019

The mystique of the elusive hero-figure is one of Louise Dean’s favourite forms. Its a ‘bystander’ narrative, often first-person, concerning a mysterious...

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Writing The Great Gatsby hero books Aug 05, 2018

“I want to write something new - something extraordinarily beautiful and simple and intricately patterned."

That was The Great Gatsby, which Fitzgerald began in the wake of wild times...

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Writing The Modern Novel: From Scott Fitzgerald to Sally Rooney hero books Jul 29, 2018

Shame and Sacrifice: the modern novel, when it's great, turns these sad old tricks beloved of its forbears.

When I was reading Sally Rooney's Conversations with Friends, I was struck by the name of...

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