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The End of The Year

Nov 25, 2018

Hurry, little ones...

As the end of the year approaches our writers are making haste to down tools on Christmas Day. We will be running a word count in December keeping track of our progress.

I have made a list and been checking it twice. The scores on the doors on Monday were taken for 31 writers who are aiming to finish up a first draft by Christmas. Members can view the tally here.

The plan for our writers is as follows:

  1. Finish first draft by Christmas 
  2. Let that novel lie a month
  3. Edit that novel in a month from the last week of January
  4. Using the Editing Your Novel course prepare a submissions package  of first three chapters and synopsis
  5. Enter the first chapter into our annual Firestarter Competition closing date March 1st

The winners are voted by our members with each member getting one vote. 

The entries with most votes and merit will be presented, with the agreement of their authors, to our literary agency friends providing the author has a...

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