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Seven Best Fantasy Settings For Your Novel fantasy meet the team Jul 16, 2023

If youre beginning to create your own fantasy world, or are some way into the writing of your magical tome already, the good news is theres a broad range of fantasy settings to...

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L.R. Lam on Writing Across Genres fantasy meet the team science fiction Apr 30, 2023

Many writers have questions about changing genres – we rarely read just one genre, so why wouldn’t we consider writing books that span as far as our readerly joys do? Of...

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Worldbuilding: Who, What, Where, Why & How fantasy science fiction Apr 16, 2023

One of the big questions we get asked at The Novelry is how to create satisfying and immersive worldbuilding. It’s a huge part of writing in any genre; the setting is a memorable part of...

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Juno Dawson: Writer and Juggler fantasy guest authors young adult fiction Jan 22, 2023

The writing life brings all kinds of rewards – personal fulfilment, creative exploration, professional freedom, an office that roves wherever your heart desires... But one reward that...

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Alix E. Harrow on Breaking the Writing Rules fantasy guest authors Nov 20, 2022

As writers, we’re often confronted with lots of mantras and – dare we say – writing dogma. But if you’re at all familiar with The Novelry, you’ll know we...

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Samantha Shannon on Language in Fantasy Fiction fantasy guest authors Sep 11, 2022

In a fantasy world, the author has enviable freedom in creating the language their characters speak. From ancient languages to fully fictional languages, the possibilities are exhilarating.

Even if...

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What is a Trope? fantasy science fiction May 01, 2022

The term trope comes from the Latin tropus (a figure of speech) and the Greek word tropos (a turn, direction, course, way; manner, style, fashion). Technically in rhetoric, it refers to...

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How to Write a Fantasy Series fantasy writing a series of novels Jan 23, 2022

Writers of fantasy fiction are often curious about how they can extend their story into several novels. After all, you’ve created a rich, engrossing fantasy world, and a main character with...

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Kendare Blake on the Magic of Writing fantasy guest authors Nov 14, 2021

Kendare Blake is the New York Times bestselling author of the Three Dark Crowns fantasy series, which includes Three Dark Crowns, One Dark Throne and Two Dark Reigns. She...

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SFF Writing at The Novelry fantasy science fiction Oct 10, 2021

Are you writing speculative fiction – stories spanning horror, dystopian, fantasy and science fiction? Then ensure your first reader is an experienced SFF editor to master your...

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Finding Wonder In Your Writing fantasy meet the team Sep 26, 2021

Meet Tasha Suri, fantasy author and writing coach at The NovelryTasha Suri is the award-winning author of The Books of Ambha duology (Empire of Sand and Realm of Ash) and...

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Publishing Fantasy Fiction fantasy starting to write Jun 07, 2021

This is truly a great era for publishing fantasy fiction. Originality abounds, and boundaries are being pushed in all kinds of new directions. Bestselling author and writing coach Katie Khan...

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Fantasy Writing Tips from Tricia Levenseller fantasy guest authors writing a series of novels Jun 06, 2021

 If you’re looking for fantasy writing tips, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better source than Tricia Levenseller, the bestselling author of six YA fantasy books including The...

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Writing a Fantasy Battle Scene fantasy novel writing techniques Oct 06, 2019

Writing a battle scene is undoubtedly a thrilling prospect for a fantasy writer. Whether it’s the climactic battle that seals your main characters’ final fate, a muted fight scene that...

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