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Travel For Writers. White Lines. (Don't do it.)

Apr 17, 2017

On Good Friday, we motored north on the A1 from the appropriately named town of 'Wooler' in Northumberland where we hailed the little white lambs. We crossed the bridge at Coldstream and entered the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland. With mother singing The Proclaimers. We had the joys of Spring upon us. 

We headed across Scotland from east to west the following day  via Stirling and Glasgow to Ardrossan to take the ferry to Arran - with mother singing The Proclaimers from Greenock down the coastal road. My daughter travels with two sets of headphones, one of which is back up. 

I advised her of the checkpoint at Brodick, the port of arrival at Arran, where those without good Scottish accents might be turned back. I, myself, had perfected a single phrase. We had had dinner the night before with a friend called 'June' who gave us the low down on all there was to do in Arran and my phrase therefore consisted of 'Helloooooo d'ye ken Joon'.   It saw us through many winding...

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