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Our COVID-19 Response and Offers

Mar 15, 2020

For all those self-isolating, we are offering a special temporary 20% discount on our non-tutored courses the Classic course (to get a big idea and plan your story) and the Complete Novel course (to write and complete your novel) with this discount code at checkout:



Seniors Program.

We welcome those over 70 years of age with a special 50% discount. During these difficult days with self-isolation recommended, why not make the most of your time and write that book?

The Novelry is offering the discount to all seniors to participate in either of our completely online creative writing courses which you can enjoy at home with an internet connection.

Please apply here for your special 50% discount code which can be used for The Classic Course (a course to get your story started) or The Complete Novel Course (the course to guide you through the writing of your novel). Feel free to use it for both.


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