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Common Writing Mistakes

May 10, 2020

Oh, Dear.

Since the beginning of time in the history of writers writing, every writer has sought a writing pal, they admire and esteem to help them look at their work another way. A pair of wise eyes. Hemingway had Gertrude Stein. T.S. Eliot had Ezra Pound. Scott Fitzgerald fought with Hemingway, but took his advice. Every decent writer turns to another writer for help at some time. And even author tutors have author tutors. We all need sound advice from someone who knows a thing or two about writing. I turn to my friend Tim Lott as my sounding post, and he gives me pithy, smart insights. So naturally, the first person I wanted to add to our tutors at The Novelry was Tim. Tim's got nine novels behind him, and you can review his accolades and achievements here, but he's something of a story expert too. He's fascinated by how stories work or fail.

It seems crucial to me that you have someone you respect and trust to aid your development of every novel you write, whether you're an...

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