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Writer Imposter Syndrome motivation novel writing process Jul 04, 2021

Self doubt is one of the big hurdles many writers face – and it’s almost never a reflection on their writing skills. In fact, even people with a thriving writing career often struggle...

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Character Flaws in Fiction character development Jun 27, 2021

Character flaws are one of the most important ingredients for a gripping story and a memorable protagonist. Whether they’re honourable, ethical good guys, or down-and-out criminals with a...

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How to Keep Writing Your Novel guest authors novel writing process Jun 20, 2021

Keeping our writing motivation can, at times, be the hardest part of the writing process. While the moment you start writing – face that mighty wall of the blank page – can seem...

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Kathy Lette’s Advice guest authors starting to write Jun 13, 2021

Getting published is a big, noble dream – and if it’s one you hold dear, we sincerely hope it comes true for you. But the industry has all kinds of quirks and challenges that we...

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Publishing Fantasy Fiction fantasy starting to write Jun 07, 2021

This is truly a great era for publishing fantasy fiction. Originality abounds, and boundaries are being pushed in all kinds of new directions. Bestselling author and writing coach Katie Khan...

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Fantasy Writing Tips from Tricia Levenseller fantasy guest authors writing a series of novels Jun 06, 2021

 If you’re looking for fantasy writing tips, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better source than Tricia Levenseller, the bestselling author of six YA fantasy books including The...

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I Write Because... Adele Parks guest authors novel writing process May 30, 2021

Adele Parks is the author of 21 novels, all of which have been bestsellers. She has sold over 3.5 million UK edition copies of her novels and her books have been translated into over 26...

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Writing Relationships Between Characters character development novel writing process May 23, 2021

How do you make the important decisions when it comes to casting your novel? And how can you write – and track – compelling and complex character relationships? Writing a realistic...

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How to Research for a Novel with Mike Gayle guest authors novel writing process May 23, 2021

Whether you’re writing about tenth-century royalty, Amazonian rainforests or the family that lives next door, many writers bump up against the question of how to research for a novel. 


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Thriller Story Ideas and the Influence of Fairy Tales crime and suspense starting to write May 16, 2021

Are you looking for a story idea for a thriller? Maybe you’ve got an amazing character you want to star in your novel, but you’re not sure exactly what they’ll get up to. Or you...

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Writing a First Draft starting to write May 09, 2021

‘The first draft of anything is shit,’ said Ernest Hemingway. I’ve always liked this line because it’s a great equalizer: we’re all capable of writing terrible first...

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How to Write a Bestseller and Make Tons of Money how to get published novel writing process May 02, 2021

Meg Rosoff is best known for the novel How I Live Now, which won the Guardian Prize, Printz Award, and Branford Boase Award and made the Whitbread Awards shortlist. Her second novel, Just in Case,...

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Writing Historical Fiction With Kate Riordan historical fiction Apr 25, 2021

Kate Riordan is the author of 3 historical fiction novels and one of our writing coaches at The Novelry.  Here she explains why she writes historical fiction and how to consider...

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How to Write Villains for Children’s Books character development novel writing techniques Apr 18, 2021

The villains in children’s books are often what make stories come alive. Good baddies (if you will) capture the imagination – especially of a child. They’re who kids most...

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