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Rebecca - the Wrong Woman. daphne du maurier rebecca Oct 18, 2020


One of our 'Hero Books' for novelists writing their novels with The Novelry is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, and many of us are looking forward to the new movie adaption which airs on...

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Meet The Agent - Marina de Pass the soho agency Oct 11, 2020

We are delighted to announce the addition of The Soho Agency to our roster of literary agencies to whom we pitch our authors' finished novels. (Read more about The Soho Agency and see our full list...

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Ruth Ware on Writing Psychological Thriller Novels ruth ware Oct 04, 2020

With our thanks to Ruth Ware, one of our guest author tutors, whose writing class is available to those taking our novel writing courses.

Ruth Ware is the New York Times bestselling author of...

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Poetry for Novelists. poetry Sep 27, 2020

Sometimes I wonder, do you, what people who don't write do with their thoughts? And what they plan to leave behind them too.

'Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious...
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Close Encounters: the Narrative Point of View close third person free indirect speech Sep 20, 2020

From the desk of Katie Khan.

There are many choices to make when you begin writing a novel. Some you can choose from a starter menu -  present or past tense, first person or third? - while...

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Clare Pooley - Finding Your Voice. clare pooley Sep 13, 2020


From the Desk of Clare Pooley:

Let me share a secret with you: The Authenticity Project is not actually my first novel. Lurking in the very bottom of a bottom drawer, is a bound, annotated...

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Harriet Tyce - One Last Throw. harriet tyce Sep 06, 2020


Blood Orange was my first published novel. It was not, however, my first completed manuscript. I started writing back in 2009, beginning with a short story about a man who deliberately...

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Writing (Not Writing.) writing not writing Aug 30, 2020


August is the cruellest month for writers. As it draws to a close, we salute all of you who have made it through the month with your manuscript a few words longer.

August is that...

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Our Writing Classes. writing classes Aug 29, 2020


The immersive programme of events for this writing season at The Novelry includes live sessions with former Publishing Editor of Penguin's Doubleday imprint Marianne Velmans and guest...

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Dual Timelines (Part 2) dual timelines Aug 23, 2020

From the desk of Katie Khan.

In the very beginning, when I experienced the first gleam of an idea during a nap in my parents’ attic, my debut novel Hold Back the Stars was to have only one...

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Dual Timelines dual timelines Aug 16, 2020


Dual Timelines.

I've worked with dual perspectives before. In my historical novel, This Human Season, I told the story set during The Troubles in Northern Ireland chapter by chapter,...

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Creating Atmosphere in Fiction. atmosphere Aug 09, 2020


We were lucky to have a live session with suspense writer Kate Hamer at The Novelry recently. Kate spoke about the importance of creating a potent atmosphere, particularly in the opening...

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Members' Stories. members story Aug 02, 2020


Two of our writers describe their recent adventures in fiction with The Novelry. With thanks to Justine Gilbert and Sir Dexter Hutt.

From the Desk of Justine Gilbert.



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How to Write Clean, Good Prose craft tips novel writing process Jul 26, 2020

From the Desk of Katie Khan.

As I tackle a new draft of my latest novel, I’m confronted once again by my own unpolished prose sitting ugly on the page, trying too hard.

It’s true that...

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