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Find the Lie, Nail the Story novel writing process May 13, 2018

'Why haven't you done anything with the book you wrote last year?' My son asked me.

'Because it's not important. I needed to write it but the world doesn't need it.'

'I would read it.'

'You can't...

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The Premise of Your Story - The Morality Tale starting to write Apr 28, 2018

Any tale of any kind told to humans by humans is and has ever been a morality tale.

'There was a man who... ' This person has a flaw, a failing, either moral (a tendency that will bring them and...

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Fables Apr 22, 2018

Coelho wrote his 45,00 word 'The Alchemist' in two weeks, as it was 'written in his soul.' It is 'a fable about following your dream.'

As those taking the Classic course know, what you write can...

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The Purpose of Fairy Tales Mar 25, 2018

We are storytelling animals. We are raised in a nursery of fairy tales, and they teach us how stories work.

In our storytelling foundation course to help you come up with a...

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Writers Need to Play More novel writing process Dec 03, 2017

Playtime as children, is partially a rehearsal for growing older, for trying on lives. As children, we put on the clothes -  the ties and high heels - of our parents and try them for size. We...

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How to Write the Middle of Your Story novel writing process Nov 30, 2017

Many writers have questions about how to write the middle of a story. It can be a really exciting section to write; your characters are developed, your protagonist is beginning to transform, and...

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The Word Counts of Famous Writers word counts of writers Aug 14, 2017

We all like peering over writers' shoulders to see whether we are in any way 'normal'! I write hundreds of thousands of words to reduce down to the 80k or so for a novel. This is a fool's...

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Meeting Gore Vidal Jul 30, 2017

"We should stop going around babbling about how we're the greatest democracy on earth, when we're not even a democracy. We are a sort of militarised republic." Gore Vidal.

In 2008, I was invited to...

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How to Write Better Books Jul 29, 2017

Some tips for writing better books from our founder, Booker listed, award-winning author of literary and historical fiction, Louise Dean.

  1.  At the core of every good concept is a paradox....
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Getting Started as a Writer meet the team starting to write Jul 09, 2017

Our founder, Louise Dean, describes how she got started as a writer and shares the advice she sought in person from the writers she admired.

When I was living in New York in the late 1990's, in my...

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James Baldwin Writing Advice Jun 20, 2017

James Baldwin was an essayist, playwright and novelist regarded as a highly insightful, iconic writer with works like The Fire Next Time, Giovanni's Room, Another Country and Just Above My Head as...

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Me & Coetzee May 20, 2017

I read Disgrace by JM Coetzee in the year 2001 when I was living in New York. I had written two books; flops. Disgrace focused my intentions. It became apparent to me that there were heights almost...

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