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Welcome to Our World!

Jun 23, 2019

Our writers have shared their photos of their writing spaces to help me create a gallery to show how we work worldwide, in solo and in unison. 

Here's the gallery for those of our writers playing 'Whose Desk Is It Anyway?"

Simply assign a number to a name and post your answers onto our closed Facebook group page today!

You can have a nose around their sacred spaces and find out more about the items they consider essential to their creativity at this page. Scroll down that page to find the screen show which lets you into one space at a time.

 Now head here to get the insider view!

Members News

What a week it's been at The Novelry for our team. 

One of our writers - Louise Tucker - has made it to The Bath Novel Award 2019 longlist with the very touching novel she wrote with us. Congratulations, Louise!

Gilli Fryzer has scooped top prize as the winner of The Mechanics' Summer Folk Tale Festival.

We've been cheering at The Novelry. Whoops from Adelaide to Alaska! When you work together as we do, you get to share the joy.


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