Pushkin snaps up debut by The Novelry graduate.

Sep 02, 2019

Pushkin will publish Susie Bower's children's debut next year. 

Susie decided to turn her hand to children's fiction and took the Classic Novel Writing Course at The Novelry. She wrote her novel with The Ninety Day Novel course and edited with our Novel Editing Course, of course! The Novelry was pleased to introduce Susie's work to our partner literary agency PFD.

A home run!

Sarah Odedina, editor-at-large for Pushkin Children’s Books, has bought UK and Commonwealth rights in School for Nobodies from Silvia Molteni at PFD.

Odedina said: "This lovely novel has the perfect blend of excitement, emotional power and magic to hook any young reader and Susie’s super confident world-building makes this one of the most assured debuts I have read for some time."

Bower lives in Bristol and when she is not writing fiction she writes audio scripts, transporting children anywhere from the Jurassic age to the depths of the ocean. She is also known for writing and directing TV programmes for children at the BBC and Channel 4, where she won a BAFTA Award.

Susie Bower said: "I’m thrilled that Pushkin Children’s has signed School for Nobodies: the opportunity of being edited by Sarah Odedina, along with Pushkin’s reputation for amazing design and production values means that I will be bursting with pride when School for Nobodies is published next year."

Pushkin will publish in May 2020.

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