The Novelry Annual 2018

Dec 26, 2018

A huge thank you to all of our wonderful members for a fabulous writing year in 2018.

We have laughed, we have whinged, we have celebrated. We have been there for each other. (Enjoy the candid camera outtake from the trip to Oxford above!)

We have cheered each other over the finishing line and witnessed at first hand the hard work, commitment and sense of humour required to write a good novel. Wishing you all an exciting 2019 and - of course - a happy new novel! We will be in full swing from the beginning of January with a new intake of members ready to write their novels and get on the road to literary glory!

We always give new members the warmest of welcomes, so if you're serious about making this the year you raise your writing game and complete a novel to the highest standard, come and join us. 

'Life-changing' is how writers describe writing their novel with The Novelry. 

To view the full year make sure you're viewing this interactive Annual in your desktop web browser at the blog and not by email in your inbox or on a small phone screen. You can download a copy of our Annual here.

Please use the arrow scroll buttons below right to scroll down. 


Join Us For the Write of Your Life.

We take beginners and experienced authors all the way from an inkling of an idea to a finished novel in a year. 

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