How to Start Writing a Book for Beginners.

Dec 17, 2017

Hello. You're Not Dead!

But, you feel stale.

You keep tidying stuff, chucking out crap, or wiping down the kitchen counters.

You toss books aside as ‘too easy’ or too hard’.

You turn about your life, like a cat trying to find a way to settle.

You’re sentimental. About old memories, old things. Objects which have no value suddenly seem vital. Images of loneliness or reunion, scenes at the airport move you to tears. You miss people you haven’t thought of in ages. You feel like you learnt a lot last year, but you’re worn out.

Something’s wrong.

You need to shake the snow dome of your life. Hard. Watch where it all settles, and maybe let a snowflake or two land on your tongue. You need to recover the child you once were.

You can keep trudging through the snow that’s gone grey or you can take the sled into the New Year.

You have all you need to be the person you want to be. Apart from a sled.

Here's Your Sled.

Make an idea a reality.

1. You need time, not money. Spend a couple of hours a day away from your phone or the internet. Even if that's your commute, switch off. Find again the old friend of your mind and imagination.

2. Give up addictions which rob your time, blunt your perception and damage your morale. Honour the gifts you have been given in your lifetime, the things you have seen, the story only you can tell. You’re not going to do that drunk or hungover. Think about this - if you a dictator and you wanted to disempower people en masse, what would you do? Start a war or give them cheap booze? I'd give them instant gratification of lower desires, stir up neighbourly envies and jealousies by showing them pictures of people prettier and wealthier, looking happier, I'd give them meaningless sex, and encourage them to waste their resources - time on money - on things they don't need, then I'd keep changing those things every few hours.

The war you can fight is inside you.

You’re being cheated of your birthright; take it back. If you think you're in control of your drinking, you're most likely not. If you have ever googled anything about alcohol, yes the answer is you do have a problem. Every day after you stop drinking, you feel better, and better. It's the finest gift you can give yourself. Please note, my experience is that it's only the heavy drinkers who fail to write a novel in ninety days on the course. If you need help, read 'This Naked Mind' by Annie Grace. If it's not a problem, then give it the elbow for 90 days of a super-charged state of mind.

3. Coax and cosset your wellbeing with comfort and innocence - bedtime routine, books candles and cushions.

4. Make unmapped space for nothing to happen. Encourage the possibility of boredom; surprise yourself.

5. Eavesdrop.

6. Keep a notebook with blank un-lined pages to allow for any kind of thinking with you always and everywhere.

7. Focus. Limit duties and association to the necessary 1. Children 2. Family 3. Work. Sever the rest. Cut if off. Quit clubs, leave groups online and offline. These are distracting. Don't assume further responsibilities. Don't cross-contaminate; work when working. Write when writing. Set up hygiene walls of physical space and time.

8. Challenge yourself with deadlines and targets. 'Corporatise' your best dream, promote your silent ambition to your sole mission and plan for achievement.

9. Get support from strangers who share the same dream. Learn communally, it's faster that way.

10. Start today. Start again every day if needs be. Do not say you'll start tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Write down now on one clean page what it is you are going to do. Date it, sign it. Stay quiet until it's done. Your audience, until it's done, is the better part of you. Don't run from the better part of you, turn around today, face yourself, and shake hands with a firm grasp. Look yourself in the eye and say, it's time. Let's do this.

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