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Sep 15, 2019

The Novelry is delighted to announce the launch of our own publishing imprint.

We have the inside track on some fine work at The Novelry, and it seems natural and right that we offer an additional publishing route for the wonderful work which comes to our attention here first.

For some while, I have been considering the route to market for works of literary fiction, those books which wouldn't automatically bag a mainstream publishing deal. These are the books which get awards listings and are thus propelled to success.

There are some wonderful small publishers taking a chance on books like these - Galley Beggar Press with its Booker Prize shortlisting for Lucy Ellman's book Ducks, Newburyport - Salt, Fitzcarraldo Editions and others but these publishers are only able to take on a handful of titles a year, sometimes just two or three.

More small publishers, bold and independent, are needed! 

If you're writing commercial fiction, we will send you to our partner agents and onwards to the big publishers. But if that route isn't right for you, we will consider publishing you ourselves, and if we can't, we will send you on to our friends at Galley Beggar Press or Salt, for example.

To be able to take some of our most brilliant writers all the way from the twinkle in the eye of the author through to bookshelves and awards listings is going to be a very big adventure indeed. 

Pomeranian Books.

Our mission is to publish novels of literary fiction of a very high standard.

Unlike other small publishers, we're focussed on the novel form, and therefore on story, story, story. Writers at The Novelry are well-drilled on how story works. I'm willing to back my own horses, all the way. I know they're thoroughbreds.

Our recent awards listings, offers of representation by agents and publishing contracts persuade me that we are beautifully placed, and poised for success as a 'writing house'. I hope that Pomeranian Books will become your favourite 'publishing house' in time.

We will be open to submissions from all aspiring novelists, so do see the submissions advice given at the Pomeranian Books website.

Pomeranian Books will offer all the good things you'd expect from a publisher, an advance, meticulous editing, due diligence registration, a high standard of production and wide availability and distribution. Beautiful, beautiful books.

Then there's the team. Homegrown. Recruited from within our own ranks at The Novelry, from writers I've known to work to a very high standard in all they do, with a passion for books. (As a tease - find out who at the Pomeranian Books website.)

We will submit our authors' work to the big awards as we can, as their publisher. Our authors will have the love and support of The Novelry, and the benefactors of their online novel writing courses, behind them all the way, and as my writers will tell you, that's a very powerful force.

Pop into Pomeranian Books, and please do get in touch with us at the submissions page there if you have a manuscript you'd like to submit.

Happy days!


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