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Apr 26, 2020

The author of nine novels, winner of The Whitbread First Novel Award and the Pen/J.R Ackerley Prize, Tim Lott has joined The Novelry as a tutor offering one-to-one coaching for your online writing course alongside Louise Dean. 

You can find out more about Tim Lott and his books and booking your coaching sessions with him here.

This week has seen the publication by Simon & Schuster of Tim's new novel in paperback.

'When We Were Rich' finds the characters introduced in Tim Lott's award-winning 1999 debut, White City Blue, struggling to make sense of a new era. Sad, shocking and often hilarious, it is an acutely observed novel of all our lives, set around the period of the Millennium. New Labour are at their zenith. The economy booms, awash with cheap credit. The arrival of the smartphone heralds the sudden and vast expansion of social media. Mass immigration from Eastern Europe leaves many unsettled. An estate agent in a property boom, Frankie is focused simply on getting rich. But can he survive the coming crash? And what will become of his friends - and his marriage - as they are scoured by the winds of change?

Grab your copy here.

Here's Tim...

Why write? It’s a good question and one that I often ask myself.

Nowadays the answer comes more quickly than it used to. Because it’s the only thing I can do proficiently enough to spend a lifetime doing it.  It has provided me with a living. This is no small thing.
But there are deeper reasons, which I only discovered after becoming a full-time author ( rather than a jobbing journalist).
The thing I love most about writing is that you never get to the bottom of it. Which is another way you never get to the bottom of yourself.
Writing books - at least the books I have written - has been a lifelong exploration into self, into the nature of the world, into the world of other people.  It is a constant struggle and that’s what makes it worth doing.  The feeling when you are in full flow when the words of truth are leaping to your fingers unbidden is like no other.
There are other more shallow rewards, which I can’t deny that I’ve enjoyed. Status, ego boosts, that kind of things. There was a time when people stopped me on the street and ask me for my autograph.   I loved that!
But as time has gone on, I’ve realised that feeding the ego is a pretty empty process. It just leads to more demands from the ego - more food, more!   What is truly satisfying is starting to master your own gift ( one never truly finishes).
In mastering that gift, one feels a greater and greater desire to pass one what one has learned. This is not about ego or money, but the sheer pleasure of seeing understanding dawn upon others, and helping them to achieve what they want, and seeing them improve in the practice.
I think, in truth, I prefer teaching to writing. Writing is a lonely business and it's hard work, for all its rewards. Teaching is a joy. And for me, there is nothing I look forward to with than consulting with a promising student. Even ones that aren’t that promising are a pleasure - simply because there is so much to be taught.
But whether one enjoys it or not, writing is a noble profession, not a self-indulgent one. Most people spend their days in meaningless economic activity. I’ve met enough fund managers, accountants,  and otherwise successful professionals who are desperate to do something that doesn’t simply make them money and give them security but offers them meaning. 
There is nothing more precious in life than an activity that is meaningful. Teaching offers it to me and I hope writing will offer it to you, and I hope I can help you in achieving your goal. It will be well worth it. 

Coming Soon:

The Memoir Course.

The new Memoir Course from Tim Lott at The Novelry launches Friday 1st May. Pop into on Friday to discover a whole new creative goldmine. For writers interested in discovering how to approach the form of memoir, this is the business! Writers seeking to imbue their work with biting honesty and lucid prose will love this new course too. It's gripping thought-provoking stuff.



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