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Aug 25, 2019

A year ago, Peters, Fraser + Dunlop contacted me, taking note of the quality of work coming out of The Novelry through our creative writing courses, and asked whether an association might be useful for all parties. So, I went to meet with Tessa David and Tim Bates of PFD on New Oxford Street and we had a chat about the kind of writing that excites us all. We agreed to work together to progress talent coming out of The Novelry, and I asked them for one thing; that the Novelry's graduates get VIP treatment. When I submit work on my writers' behalf, the agency should give us an expression of interest within two weeks. 

Since then other agents have been in touch with The Novelry asking to be on our list for first sight of great novels as they emerge hot from our oven, and I've made contact with agents I know to be wonderful advocates of their writers' work in genres useful to my writers. The same deal applies to all - no slush pile! A two-week reading and response time (and gentle and courteous treatment of my writers).

We have seen the beginning of some beautiful relationships in the last year.

You'll all be familiar with the process which puts prose through its paces so that every novel we submit is in really great shape, but if you're not, you can take a look here.

I'm very proud of our agency list. Our agents cover the globe, working internationally and are AAA and AAR members. As individuals, they are known and vouched for by myself and The Novelry members. Working alongside our agents gives me a chance to  keep an ear to the ground. From the very first chat with each of my writers I match their intentions for their book to a commercial sweet spot. It's our unabashed intention to get our writers publishing contracts, and it's a great joy and privilege for me to be able to make that call to say "THEY LOVE IT!" 

Recently one of my writers described my role as being 'manager' of my writers' careers. I see myself as a proud mother. My writers find it amusing to call me 'Miss' after Miss Jean Brodie of Muriel Spark's eponymous novel, and I am very pleased to accept the ribbing. I am completely partisan, devoted to my writers, and thrilled at their successes. I am in the position of knowing how far each has come from the early days of nerves and doubt, they struggle through various personal difficulties and crises, overcome hardship, to ensure that one thing they mean to leave behind them, to speak for their time is as good as damn it. I never forget how blessed I am to be part of their story. To me, my writers are la crème de la crème,  not just because of their literary prowess but for their indomitable qualities in the face of the tedious duties of non-fiction life. I know how hard they've worked, there's no 'luck' about their success. It's deserved. (I should add, we would never ask for commission from either party, I find the idea of it quite odious.) 

How it works.

At The Novelry, we are very proud of our relationships with highly-regarded agents and pleased to matchmake. We don't ask for any commission and have no financial interest in any arrangement, we want the best writers to get the agent who is just right for them, their work and career.

The experience of submitting work on my writers' behalf is exhilarating. I am able to praise my writers to the skies, in a way they can't if they submit direct. I can commend them to agents who trust they'll receive only la crème de la crème and as a writer who remembers the nail-biting process of submitting to agents, the process is gently cushioned and ultimately rewarding for my beloved writers who have been through the ordeal of having 'Miss' attend to their work through many rounds of endeavour!

We approach submission as partners, we agree a plan together and I submit when we are confident of success. It's a managed process, you're in safe hands, and I'm here to keep you smiling, and writing all the way home.


Louise x

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