Our COVID-19 Response and Offers

Mar 15, 2020

For all those self-isolating, we are offering a special temporary 20% discount on our non-tutored courses the Classic course (to get a big idea and plan your story) and the Complete Novel course (to write and complete your novel) with this discount code at checkout:



Seniors Program.

We welcome those over 70 years of age with a special 50% discount. During these difficult days with self-isolation recommended, why not make the most of your time and write that book?

The Novelry is offering the discount to all seniors to participate in either of our completely online creative writing courses which you can enjoy at home with an internet connection.

Please apply here for your special 50% discount code which can be used for The Classic Course (a course to get your story started) or The Complete Novel Course (the course to guide you through the writing of your novel). Feel free to use it for both.

The Classic Course is 45 lessons and should take a minimum of a month, with plenty of inspirational reading. Read more about it here. The Complete Novel Course will take you about 3 months with daily guided writing all the way to completing your book. Read more about it here.

Should you wish to take another course, we offer seniors a 25% discount on that too, please email us. If you would like to have a chat with founder Louise Dean before you start you can schedule a free live call here.

More about the Seniors Program here.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are extending access to all of our online creative writing courses. Our members have simply to email us to say you are ill and we will add a further 3 months to your course access. No questions asked. All courses can be paused and resumed as you wish.

If you're on a tutored course, your tutor keeps meticulous notes on your novel in progress to keep you safe, so that if you fall behind or away from the novel we can quickly get you back on track.

All of our courses and community events are held online and virtually, and we offer an online writers' workshop and community support which will prove a boon to those self-isolating. There are team chats online every other Sunday and online classes will be going ahead as normal with your tutor.

We are sending our wider community our love and thoughts and recommending reading when you feel unable to write and you will find a list of our recommended great novels for writers here. You may enjoy perusing our articles on writing here.

Happy writing and stay safe with love from The Novelry.

Join us and get that novel done.

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