How to Become a Successful Writer

Feb 17, 2018


Successful writers make time to write.

Are you busy?

As in you have a great deal to do and don't have enough time?

Right-o. Yup. I haven't yet met anyone who isn't, have you? 

You have the same amount of time as everyone on a day to day basis. You have twenty-four hours. You can argue that they are not yours to use as you lie, but that's not entirely true. You can always walk out of your life and it's the fantasy subject of many a good book and the practice of many a holy man or woman too. 

When you say you are busy what you mean is this is not important enough to make it onto the 1... 24 of the hours I have available. So next time he or she doesn't call you because they were busy you will know you did not make it into their top 24 things to do that day or the next.

It would be very cool if you had the guts to say 'this is not important to me' rather than that you are too busy since you and those around set the fruitless expectation that one day you may be less busy. You won't. 

'Whatever you're meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.'

Doris Lessing.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Writers

Of the Seven Deadly Sins of Writers, 'busy-ness' is the first on The Novelry's hit list.

  1. Busy~ness (the spurious claim one has insufficient time, when writing a novel needs 1/24 of a day.)
  2. Envy (comparing work and lifestyle to others who simply worked harder and considering them magically 'gifted'.)
  3. Revenge (writing to avenge oneself for small personal reasons including a political and social agenda taints the reader's cup of tea.)
  4. Over-confidence (having one idea and considering it brilliant without working it or turning it on the lathe of readership or what people need and want - ie does it give hope?)
  5. Talk (the spoken word is the rash relative of the written word, always best not to talk about your book until you have completed a first draft. Talk about writing and how to do it by all means but don't spill your beans or you will notice they don't look right and others will say things you wish they had not, since speech unlike writing, tends to be a two-way thing.)
  6. Addictions (while you're writing your book nothing besides your first duty of care to humans who depend on you should usurp its place in your heart. So if you have a problem, it will remain a problem until you fix it. Maybe fiction can fix it, once and for all.)
  7. Fear (fear is normal and fine where it's an adrenaline boost, but boring if you spend too much time in its company. See #2.)

A propensity to vulgarity is praiseworthy. A criminal mindset is to be commended. Thoughts of murder take your work further. Anger is fine and dandy. Daylight robbery is rather handy - when composing characters for your book.

The cardinal sin is being busy doing nothing. That's now how novels get done. Join us and we'll walk you through the process of becoming a successful writer, step-by-step.

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