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MA Creative Writing

ma creative writing Mar 08, 2020
MA Creative Writing

Considering a Creative Writing MA or MFA?

If you're seeking a career as a published fiction author, a university or post-graduate school creative writing masters program might not be the right choice for you.

Career or hobby? Most writers can write. The chances are if you are reading this that you can write. If only 'writing' was all it was about! Publishers and published authors know the secret to getting published and making a living from writing is one single word: story. If you'd like to spend a year enjoying the craft and learning literary terms and techniques, away from the humdrum daily life and workplace, the MA or MFA could be for you. But if you want to get published, choose a school with a focus on the career path. In practice this means:

  • tutors who are published authors and working novelists who have had sales volumes, bestsellers or won awards
  • links to literary agencies
  • publishing professionals on hand

You should be looking for a smooth onward journey towards publication. You should be looking for a course that is connected and commercial savvy.

Dwell on 'object correlative' and esoteric techniques for a long time and you might lose sight of what the reader is reading to find out! Publishers don't.

Did you know that there is one aspect of your novel, less than 0.001% of your prose that has more than 99% of its value?

That's the one-liner or the hook. The sales pitch. Publishers typically pitch 60 books an hour to their sales team. They need to know they can tell them quickly why they should back this book. Publishers receiving pitches from their trusted literary agency allies will scan the email for this line. If it's smart, they'll read on. That's why literary agents do the same when they read submissions. 

For that reason, your year with The Novelry begins with a focus on the idea, the beating heart of the story, and we move you towards a compelling one-liner before you start writing. So that you can write (we know you can write!) in the right direction. With energy and excitement. We'd be mad not to! Make sure the year you invest in your career is spent focused on the right things.

Work/Lifestyle. Nowadays, thanks to our digital world, you can enjoy the best tutoring and best course material online and from home.

Think about it. How likely is it that the creme de la creme is located in one college out in the sticks? The online world allows for expertise to coalesce and pull together, and they come from all over the world. You can enjoy superior content from your home via your laptop.

Look for an online school or course with amazing content, exciting authors, live sessions and an active community of working writers. If the school is wise, they'll show you how to focus and channel your time and ideas so that you can continue your other life - the day job, the family, the dog - while writing your masterpiece. In real life, that's how novelists work. They don't work in remote ivory towers, they have lives fully engaged with families and their community (they call it 'material'). You might as well begin a real-life working practice now.

At The Novelry, your first session with your tutor on one of our year-long MA equivalents programmes begins with these questions:

  1. What do you want to achieve? Commercial contract? Career? Literary style? That's your brief to us so we can give you the course and coaching you need.
  2. What's your work/lifestyle? We agree with you a writing plan just right for you, taking into account your family and occupation, and high five it together before starting work.
  3. Your story so far. Your bestselling author tutor will look at the bare bones of it and breathe life into it so that you're excited to get writing.

These questions are the foundation of a fruitful year for you and your writing.

When you look at university fees, take into account the requirement to provide for yourself and your family if you're going residential and add that sum to the total cost. (And ask why!)

If you're thinking about distance learning creative writing MA or MFA, then plump for the very best available course.

You've come to the right place.

The equivalent of a Creative Writing MA, highly respected by literary agents and publishers, and certified, is The Book in a Year plan at The Novelry. Study, write, complete a novel at home with our fullest support and expertise. Your success is our success. More here.

Happy writing. Invest in the best.

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