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Cultural Appropriation & Fair Play in Fiction novel writing process Sep 12, 2021

Let’s tackle the question that often concerns writers the most – what’s fair in fiction? There’s a disclaimer on the copyright page of every work of fiction that will say...

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The Writing Life With Phoebe Morgan guest authors novel writing process Sep 05, 2021

Phoebe Morgan is a seasoned editor, currently serving as commercial fiction editorial director at HarperCollins, in both the Avon and HarperFiction divisions. While she specialises in crime...

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What Does an Editor Do? editing your novel getting published Aug 29, 2021

People within and outside the world of creative writing and professional publishing often wonder: what does an editor do? And why are there so many different types of editors we hear about?...

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How to Write a Novel: 9 Steps novel writing process starting to write Aug 23, 2021

The question of how to write a novel can feel overwhelming in itself. When you’re facing the blank page as you start to write a book, it seems you have a gargantuan task ahead of you.


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Writing With Louise Hare guest authors historical fiction Aug 22, 2021

Louise Hare is the author of two beautiful books, Miss Aldridge Regrets and This Lovely City, and was named one of the top 10 debut novelists by The Observer in 2020. Louise...

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Our Editorial Director – Lizzy Goudsmit Kay editing your novel meet the team Aug 01, 2021

We are thrilled to have Lizzy Goudsmit Kay as our Editorial Director, and wanted to give you a chance to get to know a bit more about her. She’s an absolutely brilliant editor and a real joy...

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Getting Ready to Start a New Novel with Rachel Edwards guest authors novel writing process Jul 25, 2021

Starting to write a novel is an exciting time, but a lot happens in the run-up to that first word appearing on the blank page. How do writers prepare themselves for the marathon...

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The Closed Circle Mystery crime and suspense guest authors Jul 18, 2021

The closed circle is a beloved sub-genre of mystery, suspense, thriller and detective fiction. It refers to a crime, usually a murder, for which there are a limited number...

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Meet Mahsuda Snaith meet the team Jul 11, 2021

We are thrilled to have the wonderful Mahsuda Snaith join us as a writing coach at The Novelry! Mahsuda was an Observer New Face of Fiction in 2017. Her 2017 debut novel The Things...

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Writer Imposter Syndrome motivation novel writing process Jul 04, 2021

Self doubt is one of the big hurdles many writers face – and it’s almost never a reflection on their writing skills. In fact, even people with a thriving writing career often struggle...

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Character Flaws in Fiction character development Jun 27, 2021

Character flaws are one of the most important ingredients for a gripping story and a memorable protagonist. Whether they’re honourable, ethical good guys, or down-and-out criminals with a...

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How to Keep Writing Your Novel guest authors novel writing process Jun 20, 2021

Keeping our writing motivation can, at times, be the hardest part of the writing process. While the moment you start writing – face that mighty wall of the blank page – can seem...

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Kathy Lette’s Advice guest authors starting to write Jun 13, 2021

Getting published is a big, noble dream – and if it’s one you hold dear, we sincerely hope it comes true for you. But the industry has all kinds of quirks and challenges that we...

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Publishing Fantasy Fiction fantasy starting to write Jun 07, 2021

This is truly a great era for publishing fantasy fiction. Originality abounds, and boundaries are being pushed in all kinds of new directions. Bestselling author and writing coach Katie Khan...

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