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What Is Middle Grade Fiction and How Is It Different from YA? writing for children young adult fiction Apr 24, 2022

Middle grade fiction is wonderful to write and incredibly fun to read. It’s diverse and vibrant, and middle grade readers are ready for all kinds of adventures. But writing middle grade can...

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A.J. Pearce on Writing a Complex Character character development guest authors Apr 10, 2022

There’s nothing that brings fiction to life like complex characters. To read them is a joy. But to write them… That can be a little trickier. How do you make characters memorable,...

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Madeleine Milburn on 2022 Publishing Trends literary agents Apr 03, 2022

Keeping abreast of publishing trends is a great idea for writers, whether they dream of becoming self published authors or are more interested in having their story turned into print books via ...

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Clare Mackintosh on Coping with Failure guest authors novel writing process Mar 27, 2022

There are lots of things you can expect from the writing life: excitement, fun, creative freedom, deep rewards, lifelong friends. But another thing you can almost count on is the fact you will,...

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Claire Douglas on When an Idea is ‘The One’ guest authors novel writing process Mar 13, 2022

Sometimes, writers have a swarm of ideas buzzing around their brains. Every overheard conversation on the bus, every dishwashing daydream, every insistent but why? from a child can spark off a new...

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Kids’ Chapter Books: 20 Must-Reads writing for children Feb 27, 2022

The world of chapter books and middle-grade books is a truly enchanting one. There are rollicking tales that are great to read aloud to early readers, beginner chapter books for children who are...

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How to Write Dialogue in Fiction novel writing techniques Feb 20, 2022

Have you ever read a book with a fantastic story, only to wish the dialogue was – well, a little better written?

‘The characters all sounded the same.’

‘Nobody talks like...

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Ajay Chowdhury on How to Rewrite a Story editing your novel guest authors Feb 13, 2022

A truth many writers would rather not acknowledge is that the editing process is a big part of the writing process. And – what’s often even scarier – the rewriting process is a...

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How to Open a Novel with Literary Agent Marilia Savvides literary agents Feb 06, 2022

Are you wondering how to open a novel? You’re not alone. It can be one of the biggest sticking points writers face – not least because it’s often what will grab (or not!) the...

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Katherine Arden on Resilience for Writers guest authors novel writing process Jan 30, 2022

As all of us who have tried our hand at the writing life know, self doubt and an inner critic can be the biggest hurdles we face. But resilient writers are successful writers, and self esteem is a...

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How to Write a Fantasy Series fantasy writing a series of novels Jan 23, 2022

Writers of fantasy fiction are often curious about how they can extend their story into several novels. After all, you’ve created a rich, engrossing fantasy world, and a main character with...

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Books on Writing novel writing process Jan 16, 2022

Books on writing aren’t necessarily the only books that can help beginning writers hone their craft. After all, any work that inspires, motivates and educates is of immense value to fiction...

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How to Create Tension in a Story: The Moral Dilemma crime and suspense novel writing techniques Jan 09, 2022

As you set about writing – or editing – a gripping novel, you might come up against the question of how to add tension to your story. Maybe you’ve got a great idea that packs in...

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Stacey Halls on Being Edited editing your novel guest authors Dec 19, 2021

Stacey Halls is the author of The Familiars, which was the bestselling debut novel of 2019. Her second historical fiction novel The Foundling was published in 2020, and her...

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