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3 Character Development Exercises character development Aug 14, 2022

So you’re writing a novel and you want to create compelling and believable characters. We’ve got just the thing! Here are three original and fun character development exercises created...

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How to Write a Three-Dimensional Character Using Psychology with Dr Stephanie Carty character development guest author articles Aug 07, 2022

Nothing enlivens a story like a three-dimensional character, but creating one isn’t always easy. Dr Stephanie Carty, clinical psychologist and writer of fiction and non-fiction, joins us at...

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Character Development in Novels character development Jul 31, 2022

Character development is essential to any great novel. In any genre of fiction – from action studded with high-speed chases to philosophical contemplations of the human condition –...

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Amanda Reynolds on First Publishing in Her Fifties meet the team starting to write Jul 24, 2022

We’re delighted to welcome Amanda Reynolds to The Novelry as a writing coach specialising in psychological thrillers and suspense.

Amanda’s first novel, Close To Me, was a number one...

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How to Start a Story novel writing techniques starting to write Jul 17, 2022

For many writers, the question of how to start a story is one of the most panic-inducing. Whether it’s because you know too much or too little about your characters, world and events,...

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How to Write a Love Story: 5 Top Tips (For Every Genre!) novel writing techniques romance Jul 10, 2022

Given both love and storytelling are as old as time, it’s no wonder the question of how to write a love story has so absorbed us.

And it’s possible that this question is only becoming...

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Can Creative Writing Be Taught? novel writing process Jul 03, 2022

Can creative writing be taught? It’s something many of us have pondered. Whether you’re just thinking about taking a creative writing course, or you’re already enrolled and hoping...

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Patrick Gale on Researching Historical Fiction guest authors historical fiction Jun 26, 2022

Research and historical fiction tend to go hand in hand. Before the writer puts pen to paper, they must become familiar with the facts of the period.

But how much research is too much research?


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Outlining a Novel: Is it Really Necessary? By Tess Gerritsen guest authors starting to write Jun 19, 2022

The idea of outlining a novel is one that may strike dread, panic or even tedium in a writer’s heart. Are we really expected to have our entire novel outlined before we put pen to paper?


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Writing a Murder Mystery? Here are 5 Top Tips crime and suspense novel writing techniques Jun 12, 2022

Writing a murder mystery can be baffling and thrilling in equal measure. If you’re writing a murder mystery, try these five top tips to connect with character and lean into the questions...

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The Stages of Publishing: After the Book Deal how to get published Jun 05, 2022

As a writer, it can be easy to amalgamate all the stages of publishing a novel into one (sometimes distant!) process. But it’s actually much more complex than that. There are lots of steps...

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How to Write a Hook for Your Novel novel writing process May 29, 2022

From the desk of Jack Jordan.

If there’s one thing any writer has to nail to ensure success for their novel, it’s writing a hook.

During my years of writing and publishing books, I have...

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Sophie Kinsella on Motivation and Where to Find It guest authors motivation May 22, 2022

Writing a book is like having a baby.

This is a comparison that’s often made – and having written over thirty books and had five babies, I concur. There’s the same giddy journey...

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Suspense Writing: 5 Top Tips crime and suspense novel writing techniques May 15, 2022

Suspense writing is an amorphous and multifaceted concept, but Kate Riordan wants to make it straightforward.

Having written five novels – including the Richard and Judy book club pick The...

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