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English as a second language? Visual or auditory impairment, or dyslexia? We can help you enjoy our courses with our support.

We believe in digital inclusion – where life stage, language, visual impairment, dyslexia or disability aren’t barriers to learning to write a novel. Our course features include functions such as read-aloud, magnification and translation. 

Our content can be translated into many languages at the click of a button. The lessons can be read aloud in multiple languages using a natural and engaging voice to transform your reading experience. 

We offer 99 languages, and speak translated text aloud in 40 languages. You can change the speed and the language of playback to suit you. You can magnify text too. Simply perfect. 

Our courses are suitable for writers at all stages of their writing. Lessons are given by video and text, and can be viewed on any internet-connected device – desktop computer, tablet, smart phone – and can be viewed either through our website or our app available for Apple iOS and Android. Listen and watch your lessons as audio even on your commute!

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Assistance at a glance

Text to speech

Choice of reading speeds and highlighters to enhance reading comprehension.

On screen text magnifier

Helps writers with visual impairments. Screen mask blocks on-screen clutter, letting writers focus on text.


Translation into 99 languages

With speak-aloud in 40 languages.

Custom settings

To suit the individual writer’s needs and preferences agencies.

Included With Every Course? Inclusivity.

To write your book your way.

Our courses are built with accessibility in mind, which makes them great for writing students from overseas whose first language isn’t English, or students with additional needs like dyslexia or visual impairments. Every course comes with a dictionary/picture dictionary, and an orange button to change text to speech, and translate the language to your preference. We also offer a magnification function and tools to assist those with visual impairments and to reduce clutter with masking. You can change the colour of background and text with a simple click of a button to set up your personal preferences for your course.


You will be able to work with the writer coach of your choice and schedule one-to-one author coaching sessions by Zoom that work for you available in all time zones to stay on track as you write your novel.


The Novelry is home to novelists worldwide and you’ll be invited to exciting online events with publishing professionals, literary agents and authors, and be able to join live writing classes and workshops with our writing coaches. As a member, you’ll enjoy the support of our thriving online community, interaction with fellow authors and get encouraging and helpful feedback from the team and from writers like you. Join us as a member to qualify for feedback on your work with paid sessions with our professional publishing editorial team. We’re connected to leading literary agencies worldwide and can bring you up-to-date advice and pointers to ensure you’re on the right track for the current publishing market.


Start writing your book your way today

Simply choose the level of support and guidance you’d like to accompany your course. All courses, coaching and access to our community of other writers are yours for 12 months. You have a 7-day money-back guarantee should you change your mind.

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Happy Writing at The Novelry

Where the writers are.

Lacy Blake-Vetter

“Invaluable. A big eye-opener. I’ve done many writing courses, many of which rely heavily on the workshopping method. The Novelry’s Ninety Day Novel Course offers far more. It combines structured ‘how-to’, teaching, including textual analysis of works by great writers, coaching and one-to-one tutor contact including individualised feedback on problems, writing etc, all in one package and all available as you write your novel. I’m the author of over 170 books. The Novelry picked me up with I was floundering, gave me direction, gave me a safe place, and gave me permission to find my own magic.”

—Candice Ransom

Lacy Blake-Vetter

“I thoroughly enjoyed having a process to follow so that it didn’t feel like I was doing it alone. 70k in 4 months and it felt really easy getting the complete story told.”

—Kate Gunn

Lacy Blake-Vetter

“Utterly brilliant. Life-changing, in fact. The course, the community and the guide, are the best things that have ever happened to the writer in me.”

—Rashmi Sirdeshpande

For Your Success Story


“The Novelry not only gave me the crucial accountability I needed to get going, it also helped me to tackle structure, plot and theme, and realise what kind of writer I am. All of these things gave me a huge boost of renewed confidence, allowing me to dive into my next novel feeling more prepared than I ever have done before. I’m feeling hopeful that maybe, just maybe, I could be on to a winner.”

—Ella Dove, journalist and author of Five Steps To Happy

Enjoy cracking a page-turning plot at The Novelry.

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