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With a mixture of online and face to face tuition, The Novelry offers writing courses that will help you get published.

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In recognition of the high standard of work of our graduates, leading literary agencies have requested first sight of manuscripts and have guaranteed to respond within two weeks. Choose a course linked to a number of literary agents to improve your odds of getting representation.

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Want to make sure you've got a big story idea in place and a plan? Go Classic. Ready to write? Go Ninety. Ready to get published? Go with the Editing course.

How to write a book

The Classic course

Inspired Planning. Come up with your big idea and shape it for success before you start writing. Discover the essential elements for a magical reading experience. An adventure into your unique experience and imagination.

45 inspiring creative writing lessons. Learn the secrets to the bestseller classics of all time including JK Rowling, and JRR Tolkien and more. A year’s access. Discover and plan the book you’re meant to write. From £129.

Your story starts here
how to write a novel

The Ninety Day Novel ®.

The Novel Writing Course. Be guided step by step and stay on track with daily online classes. Learn the good habits and methods of the working writer to last you a lifetime.

Over 100 inspirational and practical online writing lessons. Get your idea straight from the start and pace your progress the opening sentence through to ‘The End’. The course is drip fed daily and starts when you sign up. Get that novel done. From £149.

Write your novel
edit your novel

The Editing course.

Take Your First Draft to Whip-Smart. Put your story through its paces. Apply a simple yet beautiful clarity of purpose to get your story straight.

Be confident that you know how to evaluate your manuscript so that every element fulfils the proper role in your story. Become a professional and get your work pitch perfect with hands-on help. The 30-lesson Editing course. Go from writer to author with confidence. £95.

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Your Booker Prize List Tutor.

With over 20 years of experience as a writer, Booker Prize longlisted, award-winning novelist Louise Dean has created practical and inspiring writing courses and a vibrant worldwide community of novelists. 

The writing courses enjoy rave reviews. Just read the testimonials to find out how you too could raise your writing game fast with expert guidance and get published.

Louise is a supportive mentor to all her writers, passionate about getting you published.

Make sure you choose a writing course with an acclaimed published author working alongside you all the way to success.

Consider this your apprenticeship, and make sure you learn from a working writer you respect.


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